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Together . . . We Can Make Your Interior Design DREAMS Come True.


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Castela Interiors has a slogan that I stand true to,
“Together . . . we can make your
Interior Design Dreams come true.”


“Together . . . we can make your
Interior Design Dreams come true.”

Castela Interiors was designated one of the
TOP 20 DESIGNERS to hire in the southeastern seaboard.

Castela Interiors designs have been nationally published.

I have believed this and practiced this successfully for 30 plus years. Individual residential clients have asked me, “What is your style of interior design?” To which I answer, “We are going to decorate your home in your style.” 

Castela Interiors will happily meet with you for an hour to get to know each other at no charge. I always tell my clients the next time we get together, I will be in jeans, tee shirt and sneakers so we can get down and go to work. 

Cheryl Castela has been doing Interior Design for 30 plus years. As a student out of college, I was hand chosen by two of the top designers in the Southwest to serve my apprenticeship. From there, I designed in many upscale furniture galleries.

In the 1980’s, I began designing for the top 10 major home builders doing their many strands of model homes. I worked in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. As well as two vacation resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán, Mexico.

Finally, Castela Interiors began designing in Central Florida on upscale homes and country club tract homes. Along with, designing motor coaches and luxury ocean going yachts. Additionally, I gain great pleasure when I see the delight in the faces of my young first time homeowners, too. I am very proud to offer comprehensive and high quality to each and every client. 

What differentiates my services from others is this. It is never my intention to spend my client’s hard earned money when it is not necessary. Often times, there are treasures hidden away in closets or cabinets that my clients just did not know how to use. However, I do. 
I hope you choose Castela Interiors to assist you in decorating your home in your own personal style. A home that you will admire and enjoy sharing with your family and friends. I would love to be a part of making your dream come true.

We were overwhelmed with the transformation. 
We were so happy with the results she created and this was within the agreed budget. We received many compliments through the next years from friends and family.

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